HVAC Inspections

21 Feb

An important piece of equipment found in just about every home or business is that of the HVAC system. This system helps to heat and cool your property throughout the year. You need to think of it as the heart of your property. You want your heart running efficiently all the time, right? The only way this happens is by taking good care of it. Excellent care includes routine visits to the doctor. When you look at the HVAC system you need to look at routine inspections.

Getting the HVAC system inspected in your home or business annually is a great way to ensure that it runs properly. The last thing you want to have happen is for it to fail when you go to turn it on for the first time in the winter looking for heat. That’s where an inspection will be helpful. Inspections prior to the first use will be able to discover issues that could prevent the steam condensate system from working properly.

The inspection of your condensate return system should be conducted by an experienced HVAC installer/repair person. This person will know what to look for, where to look, how to test the system, and what repairs to make if any issues are discovered. You won’t have to worry about doing the inspection yourself and then calling someone to come out and fix the system if you find anything wrong with it.

HVAC inspections are important to the overall health of the system. They should be conducted at least once per year, typically prior to the first use in the winter months. The inspection should also include a cleaning of the system. Since it sat throughout the summer not being used it’s likely there is quite a bit of dust and dirt in the system. All of this should be cleaned out before the system is fired up for the first time.

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